Witness & Success Stories

In this section, we share some inspiring success stories. But in order to protect our customers, names, identities and people’s backgrounds
The privacy in these stories has been changed, and the photos are not where those people actually participated.

“One more chance”

At the age of 35, after I ended my 8 years of love relationship, I told myself not to give up’love’, but it was really difficult, and I didn’t have channels or networks to meet new friends. So I started searching online for a long time. I found some love matching companies. LB (Love Blissbully) is one of the companies and highly recommended by a colleague with a good relationship. Believe me, taking the first step is always the hardest thing to overcome. But I am glad that I made the right first step. LB did a one-on-one interview for me, listened to what I was looking for, and gave me insights about love and relationships. Last year, in March 2014, I attended my first date and met Lawrence. Now, we have been together for more than a year. He is a loving, sincere and caring person. I never thought I would be so lucky to have such a nice person with me. LB, thank you.

“Fall in love”

LB really changed my life, my current fiancee
Sharon got acquainted from the LB arrangement. I don’t believe that she has all the advantages I expect, but it is what I have been looking for! I can’t describe it in words, but I am very happy, from the bottom of my heart. We click quickly and don’t need time to adapt to each other. Because we all like each other. I think I am the luckiest person! We plan to get married at the end of this year. I look forward to building a happy family with Sharon.