Dating skills
During the first date

He (Male)

Always at least 15-20 minutes early. This allows a lot of time to settle down, and to avoid delays in traffic affecting the date of the appointment. Two hours before the meeting, send her a WhatsApp /Wechat greeting. Send another Whatsapp/Wechat greeting when you arrive at the meeting place. Compliments are always liked. This shows that you are listening during the conversation.

She (Woman)

Being late for 5 minutes is reasonable because men generally accept that women who are well-dressed require extra time to get on and off the car. If you are punctual, you will be more impressed. Dress up should be younger. This reflects the inner youth and therefore the positive energy is instantly felt youthful.

Both parties

smile. Feel your warm and happy side. This is also a show of respect. Positive energy affects mood and feeling. Like to meet new people, whether suitable or not or future company. When the dull field appears, smile first and ask a simple question.