Our professional date and relationship and image coaches/counselors cover important key topics:

• Dating and relationships, Marriage and human relations
(Male and Females)
• Image appeal, beauty & care
• Self management on personal growths

Benefits of having a coach:

Professional expertise and experience on vital topics, enhancing and enriching yourself, picking up from previous unsuccessful relationships. Coaches allow for various perspectives and totally focus on you only. Whether you want to get married, find your other half, want to be more attractive, or to be more successful, we have the right coaches
for you.


We have a dedicated team to match, search and identify appropriate matches for you via our database and network. We also conduct external searches for some of our members.

• Sign up for consultation (Join Now)
• Conduct profiling to identify your real needs
• We seek for you on potential matches and discretely manual
select for a “date”
• Attend the pre-scheduled dates ‘Blissful Moment’ (date)


“Love and Work has long been known as the cornerstones of our humanness. Yet, modern work often consumes us from most of our time and energies”.We recognize the importance of helping our members regain balance and conscious efforts in cultivating a true love life. We will provide members with the personalized attention of a Date/Relationship Coach and Image Coach, so members could be prepared with the knowledge and skills in dating, relationship, image and appearance. In addition, we will also provide members with access to Wealth Coach on the finance perspective of self management.

Our Date Coaches have rich experiences in Pre-marital and Marital Counselling with both local and interracial marriages. They have Masters Degrees in Social Work and Post-Graduate Certifications in Therapeutic Approaches, as well as providing training in intimate human relations.

Our Image Coaches have rich experiences in beauty appearance, makeup and cosmetics, clothes matching and present, preparation of any kind of events, medical beauty care and color tone synopsis. They are all background from modeling, styling, beauty, artistic sense, touches and more.


We hold networking events and activities for our members to allow greater access to social circles and meet interesting people, potentially someone special for a serious relationship.


We also provide our members with concierge services which include flower ordering, scheduling of dates and booking of restaurants…just send us an email and we will be at your services.