About us

Love Bliss Social is a social circle for everyone to share information about Love & Relationship, Lifestyle, Cuisine and Travel. Visit

Love Blissfully Matchmaker is the modern cupid. Our premium service is famous for finding quality dates for busy successful Professional and Entrepreneur singles in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and meet someone special. This is achieved via our introduction, activity, events and also blissful moments (‘a date’). Thus, for some of our members to have a potential to identify a long term serious partner in life or the special someone.

Our mission is to put you as the focal point and bring out the best of our premium members by incorporating relationship coaching, image coaching and personalized matching services.


One of our valuable services is to help our members to enroll in interesting coaching programs surrounding getting mentally equipped, improving personal attributes, and self
image and get already for the love of their life time. Some may excel finding their ideal partners during this program. We have professional coaches with experience to share in the area of relationship, dating, image and self management.


Another service that we provide is to help our members to do personalize matching and searching. We are a certified matchmaker who assist members with different relationship history from brand new fresh single to post recovery / post event single. We put a lot of emphasis and time on our members to conduct profiling and fully understand – what is most appropriate for the member.


We provide a platform for our members to do personalized searches thus save time by searching and identifying the most appropriate match for you, thus providing more opportunities to meet the love of your lifetime. Our social club network has access to high quality singles in Hong Kong.


We also provide concierge services for our members in Hong Kong! We have access to various flower boutique, counseling, legal professional, hairstylist, medical beauty, photographers, mandarin teachers, piano teachers, art teachers, cooking classes, events’ organizer, travel consultants…


We host in house and co-host external social events for our members to join.


We place top priority on protecting private, identity and confidentiality of all our members

We spend most of the time and resources to understand and to surround your needs. Register today. Let’s do a coffee/tea session and speak with us.


Majority age range for gentlemen is 28 and above, lady is 25 and above who are residing in Hong Kong, Taiwan or China. Our members come from local and around the world and are all accepted discretely via proper interview, screening and profiling.